Which can kill the most: smoke or alcohol?!

Question: Which can kill the most: smoke or alcohol?
I pick the best answer if someone give the rate of death for smoke and alcohol.


I think smoking (from cigarettes, not just random smoke in general) has a much higher kill rate, because it leads to all different kinds of cancer. Probably something like 40 or 50% kill rate.

Haha naco kid is right; a bullet to the face would definitely kill faster and more assuredly than smoking or drinking.

I would say alcohol.
Smoking can kill but although there is a lot of talk about secondary smoking there is no solid evidence for it causing problems.
When considering alcohol related deaths it is not just the drinkers who die we have to count. There are all those that die in RTA's caused by drink driving. People killed in random fights caused by drinking. Domestic murders caused by drinking. People dying in house fires that could have been prevented if the occupiers had been sober. Patients that die because they did not get immediate treatment because the doctor or paramedic was attending to a drunk. All sorts of deaths happen because someone was drinking,fatal accidents at work. the list goes on.

The end result is cancer either way you look at it, lungs or liver, take your pic

One if my co-workers died 2 month ago, he used to drink and smoke - result: liver and lungs

a 50cal to the face kills the most

your face


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