Help me, is he an alcohol addict :(?!

Question: Help me, is he an alcohol addict :(?
Ok well my Dad drinks every night he wont stop, on two occasions that I no of he's started to drink earlier, around 3:00 pm I dont no wat to do my mum brother and myself are getting fed up. Help me i dont want websites or anything I just want some advice on how to get it sorted ASAP ! pleasee


my friend,First of all stay calm.Nowadays there are medicine to quit drinking ,which u can get easily from drug store,according to the prescribtion mix it with food,that wil do the job to leave the intoxicants drinks automatically if he is an addict otherwise ther also maybe some tension he only knows but for that u r his daughter,u love ur father right.then being a loving daughter u must find out ...?and beat that odds out.atlast say ur parents letz get going to picnik and dont forget ur bro.k

someone who insists upon drinking every night and it is affecting the rest of the family is a problem drinker, I won't go so far as to say an alcoholic, but I believe that it might fit the profile. If he doesn't want to admit there is a problem and go to alcoholics anonymous, there is a group for family members called al-anon. Look it up and contact them, they will help you deal with his problem, and it is his problem. Don't let him make it yours or the rest of the family's, do not make excuses for his behavior if it is causing you a problem.

The health Nazi’s will tell you there can be severe problems later in life, damaged liver, heart disease, brain damage etc which are all very possible after a prolonged period of drinking. All I will say is don't worry about it too much as everyone is different and can therefore handle different amounts. Some of histories greatest minds were heavy drinkers, Churchill, Aristotle Vincent van Gogh etc. these people ultimately chose to lead a more fulfilling life constantly under a haze of alcohol. I myself drink around 16 pint of larger each night and up to 30 at the weekend, I am in control and having fun. I guess I’m saying don't believe all the doom and gloom about heavy drinking as it's not all bad, don't worry about it.

Yes, YOU (and your mom and brother) need to go to al-anon (not Alcoholics Anonymous but the version for the family members.
You might also consider "AlaTeen" the version of al-anon specifically for teens.
This is the very best thing you can do for your dad.

Unless he is chugging whiskey and getting sloshed, leave it alone.

The guy is just trying to kick back. Why does it bother you so much? He probably works his *** off to provide for you and if he maintains a job and drinks in the evenings so what...

only thing you can do is try get him too alcoholic anonymous

could be

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