how much is a fifth of jack daniels whiskey bottled in1965 worth?!

Question: How much is a fifth of jack daniels whiskey bottled in1965 worth?

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Distilled spirits don't "get better with age" once they are put into a bottle ... unlike wine which tends to improve with age. The only distilled spirits that change after they are put in the bottle are those that are bottled with charred wood chips in the bottle ... something you never see anymore.
Back in the day, people used to sell "pre-war" whiskey etc as if it was better ... this was misleading.
Actually, it is possible that some of the flavor of some spirits (liqueurs in particular) actually gets worse with age. Jack is probably fine though.

There is no benefit to having booze from 1965 over a modern bottle.

Is it in an anniversary bottle?
Is it in a special edition bottle?
Was it signed or marked at the factory for some occasion?
Was it owned by someone famous (that you can prove)?

If all these are "no" then sealed and full it's worth about $5
If it's empty you'll get 5c return in some states.


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