Why do you like coffee?!

Question: Why do you like coffee?
I think coffee tastes absolutely disgusting. I see people on TV and in my own family drink it and enjoy it and I don't get it. Milk and sugar doesn't make it taste any better, it changes the taste, but to me it's still gross. So why do you like coffee? Describe to me what coffee tastes like to you and why you enjoy drinking it?


Coffee taste bitter to me. Like dark brown/burnt bitter. I happen to LOVE that taste. I like meat that is brown/almost burnt and crispy, I like dark chocolate, I like dark beer.....all of it. It's delicious to me, but yeah it's an acquired taste......Heh, I didn't take a drink of black coffe when I was 16 and go....'wow this is soo good'....I also thought it was gross....don't know why I kept drinking it, but now I drink coffee everyday.

If you don't like something you just don't like it. My grandmother used to fix me half coffee, half milk from the time I was 8 or so and I've always liked it. I've been a regular coffee drinker since I was 13, drinking it along with my parents in the morning to get going. It tastes strong, has a good flavor to me.

If you've ever walked into a cafe', or a Starbucks, or a Seattles Best... the aroma of the coffee mixed with the bakery is just so aromatic, full & bold, wakens the senses.... Warms me up in the morning.... It's my go-go juice! haha! It's one of those things that you learn to "acquire" a taste for, like wine!...
Plus.... I'd rather have a cup or two of coffee than a loaded energy drink any day!.... Less Sugar, Less fat

It's an acquired taste, I like the smell and the bold taste of it.

hell if i no? you just prob adicted to it

i enjoy the taste of coffee....it also wakes me up in the morning...its a habit that i enjoy and could not live without

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