Is it so bad to get drunk ONCE at thirteen?!

Question: Is it so bad to get drunk ONCE at thirteen?
I've never drank before but i might sometime soon, it will only be a one of, is it alright and say if my parents did find out do you think they would be that bothered?


My first time drinking i was about 13 or 12 and yea it was fun. Ok you did it once thats not terrible but the only thing u should be afraid of is getting into it too much. I did it then and a year later i was partyin like crazy so as long as u wait a while to do i again u should be ok or else u probably will begin drinking a lot and it could turn into a problem because of getting into so early.

Yes very bad at 13 you're a kid you're just a baby you shoudn't be drinking at all at this age since your body organs aren't even fully developed yet at 13. If you are getting drunk at 13 you could damage your organs because a 13 year old's organs aren't fully developed and therefore getting drunk on immature organs is very dangerous. Your organs can fail if you are slamming alcohol in them to get drunk and all you are is 13 they're underdeveloped at 13.

I don't want to preach, because it's natural t be curious..
There's a difference between drinking and getting drunk: it's fine to try alcohol at thirteen, but getting drunk can be dangerous. Since you probably don't know your limits yet, if you're going to do it be careful, don't overdo it, and make sure there is an adult within reach, even if they don't know what you're up to - although of course it's better if they do!
I don't know if your parents would be bothered because I don't know your parents - when I was thirteen my parents were happy for me to drink a bit on special occasions, but they wouldn't have wanted me getting drunk.
Basically, it has to be your decision, but if you are really set on it, be extremely careful, and start slow, as it may take a lot less than you think to get you drunk, and make sure you are in a safe place with people you really trust.

I know it's probably not what you want to hear but honestly, i wouldn't do it. I'm 15 and I only drink on special occasions and it's really not all that it's cracked up to be and not worth doing at this age. Recently I had a really bad experience when drinking on new years eve and let's just say, throwing up in my hair and all through the night is not a good way to start the new year. I wouldn't recommend it but if you do read up on it and make sure you are being responsible and now your limits. Don't feel pressured by mates, it's your decision but remember it is illegal.

Yes, if i was your parents and I had found out you had gotten drunk at thirteen i would be stark-raving mad!

Alcohol has so many side effects, some which are not pleasant and to know that you're so young experiencing them would be quite sad.

Don't get drunk - it's illegal, if the police found out you'd be busted and 'sides that, it's stupid :) x

I think its not a huge deal for someone to feel drunk for the first time at 13. It's all about context.
If you want to know what it feels like, get a few glasses of wine in at a family party.
Remember thought! when its starts being fun, thats when you should stop 'cause its all downhill from there!

Responsible drinker having had first drink at 13

YES!! They would probably ground you until you can afford to move out on your least that's what my parents would have done if they caught me drinking at 13.

That's waaaayyyy too young to start drinking. I mean...I started drinking at 18 and that's still too young...ppl make DUMB A** decisions. Just wait till at least 18

Your liver will HATE you.

It's bad, don't drink at 13. Wait until at least 16 before starting with drinking. Personally, if I were your parents and I caught you drinking at 13, I would be extremely angry. It's not worth it.

there's nothing else to do in Canada

i think its bad to drink any time at 13, nevermind drunk. i mean 18, 19, 20, its ok to drink, but never get drunk at 13

Well, you will think it feels really good (called your 'high') You say you will never get addicted...that is not true! No matter what u say

Take it from me..the day after I turned 13

Well, it's illegal.
And stupid.

yes it is u should know better than that

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