Why do people drink and drive ?!

Question: Why do people drink and drive ?

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One bad thing that has been around along time is that people will make fun of those who can't handle their alcohol, the people become erogant to the point they want to prove that they can drive and they aren't drunk it's just crazy.

1) Ignorance of the law. 2) Arrogance people "think" they can drive when in fact they shouldn't be. 3) People who think that driving a "short distance" is ok. 4) Alcoholics and others with a drinking problem who are so far gone they just don't care. 5) People who don't plan in advance and do not arrange for a cab or designated driver. 6) People who get "caught" drinking a bit more than they should have and don't understand the dangers they may be putting themselves and/or others in. 7) People who have not yet been busted for this and don't know how harsh the laws are in most states these days. They may be old and not understand that the DUI laws are very harsh these days. Back in their day it may have been "no big deal" in terms of the laws etc. 8) People who are not aware of how very low the legal limits are these days. For most people 2 drinks=marginal and 3 drinks (or more) and you are going to jail. 9) People who may not be aware of (or don't care about) how some medications interact with alcohol and thus they are more impaired then they had "thought" they were. 10) People who think they might get away with it if in a rural area. When going camping I see cars crashed on the side of the road all of the time.

Because they have their heads up their asses, and don't think about the consequences of their actions. My husband got 2 DUIs back to back when he was barely 18. They STILL affect his life years later, since he was underage both times, and had his license suspended on the second one, so that made it aggravated (aka a felony). People don't look too kindly on felonies, no matter the excuse, it puts a bad stigma on good people who made a bad decision for the rest of their lives. And beyond the obvious legal trouble/higher potential to crash, people also don't think about the consequences at home and to the people they love. Not only did I have to bail my husbands *** out of jail twice in under a month, but I also had to drive completely across the state in a unreliable car to pick him up after he served his brief prison sentence for the second DUI. After that, since I became sole driver, I had to drive him all over gods creation to court ordered programs, AA, and outpatient rehab, consuming every free night of my life for over 2 years, since it was often too far away from our house to drive home and back. Going on 5 years later, we still can't afford to get his license back, so I've been the only driver since. People may breifely think of the legal repercussions, dangers they pose on the road, before driving drunk, but they hardly ever think of the aspect of how it will effect their family.there are so many good reasons not to drink and drive, but when your drunk, your not thinking.

Anyways, DUIs are a matter of a poor decision mixed with a mind numbing drug. The best thing to do to avoid DUIs is not to drink (or do drugs, you can get a DUI on drugs too).

Neither myself or my husband have drank a drop of alcohol since his second DUI, which will be 5 years next month, even though were both legal to do so. Not drinking is the best way to prevent DUI

Now just the other night with nothin' to do
we broke a case of proof 102
started itchin' for that wonderful feel
of rollin' in an automobile
You could say that we was out of our minds
an' lemme tell you we was flyin' while blind


Either because they're drunk or stupid. Most of the time they already have a bad attitude towards it and don't care about anyone else on the road. If I go out drinking I call a cab.

Cuz they think its no big deal until someone gets hurt. and its to late to grow a brain to think about how horrible the decision they made is.

You go out not intending to drink, next thing you know you've had a few too many, but you drive home anyway

Because they're stupid and don't understand the consequences and what the circumstances are.

People are alcoholic and have bad drinking problems

because they might know what the consequences are but still think they can handle it ...sadly enough

because they are retarded and want to ruin them selves

Because they need to get their car home!

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