Way to get people to drink tap water?!

Question: Way to get people to drink tap water?
I'm doing a project and trying to get people to drink tap water vs. bottled water. (they're the exact same, btw!)

what's an interactive way? it can be ANYTHING, from designing a reusable bottle, to making a brochure.. any UNIQUE way?!?!??!



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I'm all for tap water except for one main thing - chlorine! Yuck. Sometimes it tastes like I'm drinking from a swimming pool. The way I deal with this is I filter the chlorine out with a Brita filter. This could be incorporated into your ideas somehow. Some cities add fluoride to their tap water to help with dental health. Most people who are aware of this consider it a stupid way to help your teeth if you consider that fluoride is already present in our toothpaste. Drinking it and taking it through my body is not the way I want to help my teeth. This is another thing people have against tap water and is something else for you to consider in your project.

To get people to drink tap water I'd educate people on some key points, advantages of drinking tap water over bottled water and provide some delicious Brita filtered tap water for them to taste to know how good it can be. Educate them on many aspects of it including the health effects of drinking from plastic containers. Show them information about the huge area of the pacific ocean which is covered in floating plastic.

Maybe find a brewery that makes their beer with tap water and give them that? haha, j/k.

Good luck.

The tap is better, make the best presentation possible with a slice of lemon with it. Water taste better with a small squeeze of lemon and it really helps you digest food. Tap water contains fluoride if you live in town and if you live in the country it carries mineral that you could never get out of a processed bottled of water. Good Luck with your project

fill up little cups of different kinds of water. Some with aquafina, some with fiji water, and other various types of bottled water, and then fill up some with tap water. Have people taste them and pick which one they liked best. then tell them which one was which, and see how many people picked the regular tap water!

Fill up empty water bottles with tap water.

tell them the benefits...

So you are convincing...

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