is it bad i get one of these drink for morning pump up?!

Question: Is it bad i get one of these drink for morning pump up?
is it bad am only 14 and i seem to drag my body threw school so i think i will go with energy drinks like red bull or somthing i wont drink the Whole Can just a zip to get me pump up a zip everyday.. will it be bad and will they sell it at the store?? like walgreens or somthing?


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this is really bad for ya sorry to say i watched the news the other day and they are saying this stuff is bad for teenagers makes your heart race faster and there are side affects not sure what but I wouldn't consider this try drinking a can of pop like mt.dew or pepsi instead

It is bad - and unnecessary at your age, just get enough sleep.
It's also bad that you can't find the right category to ask this in.

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