where is the best place to buy rolling paper? which brand is the best?!

Question: Where is the best place to buy rolling paper? which brand is the best?
ok so i'm semi new to smoking dope and i wanna roll a joint where do i get the paper and what brand of paper should i get?


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I usually get 1.25 size, doesn't really matter which brand and you can get them wherever cigarettes are sold (just ask the clerk for 1.25 rolling papers). If you want to make a really good joint, roll it, take some honey and smear a thin layer on the whole joint, then either put it in the microwave or just an oven until its dry. It takes a bit longer than a normal joint but its definitely worth trying.

convienent stores, grocery stores, there everywhere there just behind with the cigarettes, you gotta aske. and i prefer zig zags, white.


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