What type of liquor do you prefer with cigars?!

Question: What type of liquor do you prefer with cigars?
I do like having myself a glass of Grand Marnier every now and then with a cigar. Doesn't matter if it's a Black & Mild or even a more expensive cigar. What other Liquor, wine, or brew would you choose to accompany the cigar?


There is no right answer for what you like best. Traditionally cigars have been enjoyed with a good brandy or cognac. It's not an uncommon practice to dip the unlit end of the cigar in your libation for some additional taste to your smoke.

According to my personal taste and experience, beverage to "marriage" with cigar smoke varies. For hot days, I prefer a ron, bourbon or whiskey with ice. For cold days, I use to drink brandy, cognac or some fine liquor like Amaretto.


I prefer an Islay single malt, but will also accept port, brandy, bourbon, martini, beer, red wine, coffee, or a coke...or nothing at all...
Grand Marnier is nice too, but I prefer it in a margarita...

B & B. There's nothing better.

try some chambord or disarano
black and tans are always nice too
but ur probably gonna find that grandma is the best!

Scotch or cognac goes great with a cigar. A nice tawny or vintage port does the trick as well.


jack daniels all the way

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