How do i make ceral. any kind of ceral. does milk go 1st or ceral?!

Question: How do i make ceral. any kind of ceral. does milk go 1st or ceral?
first you need a bowl,any type of ceral,and milk. next pour the ceral in the bowl.after you pour the milk over not to much so it doesnt flood but not to little


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Dumbass Republican: Shut up, we don't need none of your commie crap here. OK? ;)

BTW: I like to put Milk first :)

Wow....this kid understands how to use a computer but can't spell "cereal" and can't figure out how to make himself a bowl of cereal. Also he obviously can't read the forum name he is posting in. Cute lil' guy!

If you dont like soggy cereal, go milk first.
If it doesnt bother you, go cereal first :)

I'm not sure what "ceral" is, but if you're talking about cereal, it doesn't belong on the Alcohol Board.

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