What do you think is the best brand of orange juice..?!

Question: What do you think is the best brand of orange juice..?
to make a screw driver.
I love screw drivers, so what do you think is the best orange juice?


coming from a guy whose favorite drink is also a screwdriver, you gotta try a fresh one. squeeze 3 oranges into a glass and fill the rest with vodka, i prefer smirnoff. and enjoy

Don't know why all of these people are humoring this ridiculous question. Had this not been posted under BEER, WINE AND SPIRITS I wouldn't have a problem with it

Tropicana for sure.

Tropicana (No-Pulp!) :)

Fresh squeezed hands down.

Otherwise I'd prefer a spicy Bloody Mary.

Real McCoy's Orange juice


I'm a black man

Prairie farms regular oj. hands down

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