Favorite drink to order at the bar?!

Question: Favorite drink to order at the bar?

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long island ice tea

what I order depends on which bar I am at I love cherry jack and sour its my current favorite, vodka and root beer or captain and root beer also good

cant drink a lot of these as they are very sweet but occasionally love pineapple upside down cake most bars make them as a shot but will make them as a regular mixed drink if you ask its any kind of vanilla liquor pineapple juice and grenadine

favorite shot is a kamikaze and favorite bomb is a red white and blue

There are so many it could be for me.. Depends on my mood, really.
Sometimes I'll stick to Rye n Coke, and sometimes I'll rock a Tom Collins or something fruitier like a Mojito.

I don't drink at bars but if I did on a special occasion expensive single malt scotch.

A bottle of Miller Lite. I'm not into mixed drinks unless I'm at a brunch and then I'll get a bloody mary.

VB! (Victoria Bitter) Best Aussie beer...lol

i dont order drinks......i pop bottles

gray goose straight

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