Are there any legal Montecristo cigars?!

Question: Are there any legal Montecristo cigars?

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Yup, there are legal in the USA Montecristo cigars. Just go into any decent cigar store and you will find them. I will sometimes fire up a montecristo when out riding my horse.

Kind of. If this is about being in America, and not being able to get products from Cuba because of the embargo, the Montecristo brand is kind of split, as in addition to the Cuban brand, there's a Dominican one that was formed after the Cuban Revolution. So there are legal Montecristo cigars in the US, but they're not the ones that are grown or manufactured in Cuba.

Yes, there are legal montecristo cigars and they are even sold online and delivered right at your doorsteps like any online products. They are considered legal as long as the shipment complies with the international regulations and standards for postage.

I am a cigar aficionado and have been one for years. I'm also doing social media for and have represented them online.

General cigar owns the brand name in the US, but since it cannot import Cuban cigars to the US it makes Monte Cristo cigars in the dominican republic for the US market.
They are good cigars, but if you have had a Cuban Monte Cristo, you might find the DR version a bit of a let down...

Dominican version of Montecristo is a very nice cigar, less powerful than cuban version. If you want to buy cuban Montecristo cigars in USA, please check

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