how can i make my own cigar tabacco wrap?!

Question: How can i make my own cigar tabacco wrap?
how can i make my own tabacco cigar wrap? is it natral? what is the steps of making them. can i make a cheaper kind


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Do not follow any directions telling you to use any kind of brown paper. That's just idiotic, it's full of carcinogens (these cause cancer) and will ruin the flavour entirely. Traditionally cigar or blunt wraps are raw, or cured tobacco leaves, cured banana leaf, or (and this is my fave) I've heard of people holding off doing a trim 'till they had a good selection of shade-leaves, and wrapped blunts with that. (all natural) Of course rolling with natural leaves is entirely different than rolling regularly, and therefore much more difficult to learn. However this will always yield superior results. (for a cheapo blunt I empty out a colt cherry and just repack it with the good stuff) Juicy Jay's used to offer Natural Tobacco blunt wraps in a variety of flavours for about 3$ a shot, I don't know if they still do. Check their website or HBI canada.

20 years as a smoker of various plants.

Your ordinary brown paper can be utilized well for this but you may wrap them with leaves also like that of black berry. If those are available, then you can make use of them. These leaves can even be used as substitute for tobacco.

I am a cigar aficionado and have been one for years. I'm also doing social media for and have represented them online.

Use the paper from a brown paper bag, but you will lose some taste.

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Pretty much any think ink-less paper (inks can kill you and they taste like crap.)

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