Wet pussy shot ingredients?!

Question: Wet pussy shot ingredients?
In town I keep having a wet pussy shot, and I also keep forgetting to ask whats in it. I have googled it, they all have some baileys or normal cream, but the ones I have don't have any milk or cream. From what I can guess it has vodka, peach schnapps and some sort of red sweetener. When I make it it doesn't work, am I missing something or getting the quantities wrong???


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Faddish girly drinks like this don't have one definitive recipe. They'll differ from region to region, or bar to bar, or even different bartenders. As you noticed when you Googled the recipe, the most common one has an ingredient that the one you're drinking doesn't. So if you like that version, the only person you can ask is one of the bartenders who makes it.

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all drinks can be made many ways. I have had the drink but not the shot. It had hennessy and watermelon or strawberry puckers and peach schnapps and sprite I think but I do know what drink u r tawking about.. Hope this helps a lil.

Do you really like the drink or just the name you rascal!

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