can i drink/eat bread/beer dry/wet yeast ?!

Question: Can i drink/eat bread/beer dry/wet yeast ?
i have seen some products with beer yeast in capsules.Is very rich in biotin(b7 vitamin i think) and helps with dermatitis and bread yeast is same. or not?


Brewers Yeast is a supplement that many people take on a daily basis. If you are a home-brewer you have a supply in each bottle-conditioned beer. Just roll the beer around a little to mix it back in and drink it down, similar to drinking a good wheat beer. And, no, beer yeast and bread yeast are not the same. The supplement you can buy at health food stores is labeled as brewers yeast.

Good luck and enjoy.

Mm... Good luck!

Well Hope it helps

Don't see why not. Vegemite is a yeast spread consumed the world over to no ill effect, so is marmite. I'd check with a doctor before I started poppin' capsules of anything though.

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