Am I drinking at a dangerous level? Is my liver suffering silently with how much I drink?!

Question: Am I drinking at a dangerous level? Is my liver suffering silently with how much I drink?
I drink either a 750 ml bottle of wine or a 1 liter bottle of cocktail or a 375 ml bottle of bacardi, vodka, brandy or scotch every friday, saturday and sunday is this drinking level safe or am I damaging my liver?


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Nah...I do that nightly and have for decades. Alcohol does a body good

you MAY be damaging your liver
you may not

it depends on your general health, genetics, and many other factors
if you want to confirm if you are being harmed, ask your doctor, and he will test for things like liver damage.

I am not a doctor or a lab technician, so i don't know how these tests are done... as for paying... i would assume you have to pay, unless you have insurance, or don't have enough and qualify for some sort of medical assistance.

Moderation is a daily drinkers best friend, but regardless of how much you drink, there are foods you can eat and supplements you might try that will help reduce the damage alcohol can do.

Check out the link below.


Sounds like you're skating on thin ice. I'd recommend following Corvato's advice and get tested.



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