how can i stay safe on a night out?!!?!

Question: How can i stay safe on a night out?!!?

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don't drink too much.
Drink water between alcoholic drinks
don't leave your drinks unattended and if you have done don't drink it.
make sure you have transport home
be aware of your own safety

Stay sober, have a drink but stop at that,don't flirt outragrously,think about what you are wearing and does it give out wrong signals,stay on well lit streets,go out with a friend not alone, use reputable cab companies not someone that just pulls up outside a pub or club, if using a bus sit downstairs and as near the driver as possible.Generally use your common sense.

Stay with friends, always let them know where you are, maybe even have one of them or yourself drinking non alcoholic drinks. Keep your alcohol level at reasonable levels (no one wants to see you walking all over ^.~). Keep all drinks in eye view and not unattended, and don't give them to friends to save. Keep phone battery topped up before you go... i could list everything lol

plan your journey home before you leave. make sure you have cab fare, (not in your handbag, in case it gets stolen) travel with friends in a group. don't get drunk. don't leave drinks unattended so you don't get spiked. walk away from trouble, don't get involved.
or just stay in .

life experience

A pint of milk or olive oil in your guts a hour before you go or finish the night with coke or you coould always show some self control and have a glass of water between drinks even if you have to sneak them

Don't get intoxicated. Learn the art of fighting without fighting.

Travel in groups.

Plan your travel with experience travelers.

eat before you go out, especially proteins like meat. never drink on an empty stomach. have a designated driver who drinks no alcohol at all.

have a designated driver or get a cab

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Praying to God.

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