Drinking a Few Times A Week?!

Question: Drinking a Few Times A Week?
Is it bad?

My father died from liver failure so I know all about that but he drank vodka from dawn till dusk for like 20 years. Never even got sober for months on end.

I never drink hard liquor but probably once a week (sometimes two or three times but usually just once) I will drink. Usually I have a six pack but sometimes 7-10 beers over the course of an afternoon/evening. Sometimes wine instead. I certainly get a buzz but not what would be considered drunk.

I don't get hungover or incapacitated and I don't get stupid.

I work out every day and work hard at my life. Don't smoke, no drugs anymore.

How bad is it to get a buzz a couple times a week? Unbiased answers please...


I drink every night before bed to the point that I don't remember the night before. I'm fine. What you are describing is light

A lot of doctors will recommend a glass of wine before bed to help you sleep. Their are studies that state red wine can combat cancer. There's also a scripture in the bible that states a little wine is good for the stomach. I believe it, once I started light drinking my heartburn went away. In moderation it's actually quite healthy. As long as you're drinking as a form of pleasure rather than escape it's cool. :) The occasional buzz is safe as long as you're old enough. The fact that you vary your drinks implies that you enjoy drinking as a pastime instead of a commitment, and that's good for stress.

Too many to list. Including responsible parent who drinks lightly.

I know it doesn't sound like much, but I would be afraid of the drinking getting worse over time and keep making sure it stays to a minimum of once of week. You certainly will have a predisposition of becoming an alcholic simply from the family history of your father. I think that if my father was an alcoholic all his life and it eventually killed him that I would not want to even look at a bottle of booze knowing what it can do to people who abuse it. If you are drinking 3 times a week, you are definitely on the road to it becoming a problem. Learn something from your father and learn from his mistakes. He most likely started out drinking just like you are doing right now when he was young. That's how it starts out. Don't repeat his life in yourself. Be careful if you do drink and if you find yourself slowing increasing your drinking, then realize what could be happening and take steps to stop. Another test that it might be a problem is to not drink at all for a month or two and see if that really bothers you or whether or not you are able to do that at all. If not, then you probably have a problem now which will get worse in the future.

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