Why can I take a bullet for my country but I can't kick back and have a beer with my father?!

Question: Why can I take a bullet for my country but I can't kick back and have a beer with my father?
Apparently I'm trusted more with an M16, or to drive a tank than drink a beer.


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Actually, if you are an active member of the armed forces, you may drink beer and wine on-base at age 18. So, if you're willing to take a bullet for the US, you can drink.

same way they had the african americans fighting for a war long ago but yet they had no rights and weren't even considered "people" let alone "americans". Why should they of had to fight and die for a country that didn't accept them? Its bullshit. The majority of soldiers that die are under 25. They lose thier limbs, lose their life, but can't even legally have a beer. You can get married and join the army and be declared an "adult" but not adult enough to drink....stupid...I can see not letting 14 year olds or even 16 year olds drink, but by 18 you are an adult, you can by a house and live by yourself, you should be allowed to do what you want.

@ john q, that is completely false, I don't know what branch/ where you were stationed if you were in the military but the local/state laws for alchohol and tobacco still apply

I was 18 when I joined and came to Ft. Rucker AL in alabama the law is 19 to buy tobacco so I had to wait for that and I still had to wait until I was 21 to legally drink

Because this country thinks backwards. Every state isn't lax on laws that allow a minor to drink lightly under parental supervision. I agree with you, it's stupid. In other countries kids can drink and they don't have the same addiction problems Americans do because it's not something unattainable, or compelling.

this is completely untrue

MANY states in the US allow parents to legally supply their underage children alcoholic beverages
generally this is in private, but some states even allow this in public.

check the following website, which is a US government sponsored website, that has individual state laws on underage drinking

update: you didn't mention your state, so i can't confirm what allowance you might be allowed... the only complete law in all 50 states is its against the law to purchase alcohol under 21.


its crazy

my son can also join the army, last week he went into town and saw a nice solar garden light he knew i would like, they refused him at the checkout

it has a ground spike and classed as a weapon

my mother bought me one
the irony of it all, i watered the ground and the plastic spike shattered on contact

Possibly because it doesn't require any brains to take a bullet for your country but it does take them to drink responsibly.

While I agree that the drinking age should be lowered, unless you're actually in the military, that argument has no bearing.

Call me when you're drafted; I'll buy you a beer.

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