Is this too much alcohol for my liver?!

Question: Is this too much alcohol for my liver?
Each friday, saturday and sunday I drink either a 750 ml bottle of wine, a 1 liter bottle of cocktail such as Alize, Hiram Walker pumpkin Spice Liquer, Tequila rose or others or a 375 ml bottle of bacardi rum, vodka, scotch or brandy. And by each friday saturday and sunday I am talking about every single friday saturday and sunday.


no if you mean that you drink just one of those stuffs during the whole weekend.. that is nothing . if you repeat your described procedure friday + saturday + sunday , well , could it start to be

and 10+ to the previous answer , that has been useful . we all need massive morals nowadays , thank you

EDIT : i mean emily's answer

common sense

Well, I would personally suggest not drinking alcohol. If you are asking this question then you believe it's possible you're drinking too much. If you're in doubt, just say yes and cut back. Your liver has a lot of work to do without the alcohol. My great-uncle died because of his liver just a little over a year ago. He took too much acetaminophen, and he followed directions. So, multiple medications also take their toll on your liver. Remember to take into a count everything that your liver will have to deal with. Don't think of just the alcohol. Also, you could always use that money for something else. For me, I look at it like this: $15 dollars for a box of diapers for my toddler or for alcohol? $6 for a bag of diapers for my baby or alcohol? $32 for my internet bill or alcohol? Think of all of the everyday things that can be paid for with the total of your alcohol purchases in one month. Think of all of the things that will last for more than an hour that you could buy for the same money. To me, there's no point in alcohol.

Can't you think of any different questions to ask about your liver Sarah? or whatever your name is today, they are getting boring now.

But for those who are interested in getting better or looking after their health, or who have a child that needs caring for, it's at least twice as much that your liver can cope with.

If you're buying those filthy sweet decoctions with bread you panhandled, and drinking them behind a dumpster or next to a barrel-fire, hepatic-distress is the least of your worries. Since it seems to be weekend thing, I'm guessing you're not a homeless wino, so enjoy yourself...just stay away from acetiminophen (Tylenol), and expect Stage II Diabetes eventually from all the sugar in those girly-boozes.

It might be a little tough on it, but it should be able to handle quite a few years of that lifestyle before it rejects you. I'm guessing you'll get sick off that much booze before your liver gets sick of it.

Yes I would say it is too much.

Around 3 - 4 units is recomended in the UK for boozing per day.

A bottlee of wine is 8 - 10 units, so that abouit double, what you should have.

You are an alcoholic because you binge drink and drink to excess.

Acceptable in society? Yes.

Too much alcohol for your liver? Definitely.

Of course it is Sarah. You know that. If you worried as much about your mental health issues as much as you worry about your boozing, you might actually make sense one day.

You shouldn't drink alcohol.

I do that on an almost nightly basis and I'm fine. Don't listen to the neo-prohibitionists. They are not living in reality


not at all

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