why does gasoline tastes spicy?!

Question: Why does gasoline tastes spicy?
Very spicy! Almost like someone put pepper in it, that you not only feel on your tongue but also on your lips!


Its probs the methane.

Someone should definitely put this on Unfriendable.com!

Why are you drinking gas?
Please do drink more, you would be one less dumbass the world would have to deal with.

No, wait!
Grab your friends [of whom I am sure they are as dumb as you are]
Decide you are going to create a cult. Then, you are to drink as much gasoline as you can! Tell them it's punch.

First off, learn English if you are posting a question. Second, this is Beer, Wine and Liquor forum- gasoline doesn't fall under that category. Drink a little more gas so we don't have to hear these questions any more

It is both legally and physically wrong to siphon gas due to arrest or health problems.


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