if my parents never drink will they notices if i take a whole bottle of bacardi?!

Question: If my parents never drink will they notices if i take a whole bottle of bacardi?

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Yeah... they may never drink infront of you. But they would not have alcohol in the house if they did not drink. So yes, they will notice. They will notice even more if you fill it with something else, and then they will know it was you.

Not cool to steal from your parents. Basically if you aren't old enough to acquire the alcohol yourself, you're probably not old enough to be drinking it.

Dooooooo it. Take the booze.

If there's one lesson you need to learn in life, it is to listen to that little voice in your head. Your subconscious is capable of much greater thought processing than your conscious self. Your subconscious is the whole computer whirling and ticking away with all those megabytes of memory. Your conscious mind is those few kilobytes needed to display words on the screen. You need to rely on the full power of the computer to survive in this world.

It's a sign of higher intelligence that, subconsciously, you have planned this to the point of making your conscious self aware of the situation. And now that you know that the bottle is there, in that dark cabinet, vibrating its siren signal to you 24 hours a day, you will not be able to escape it. It's image will burn through walls and closed eyelids right to the center of your brain until you reel it in.

No body is going to miss it. And what if they do? Anybody could have taken it. And what if you take the wrap? A couple of days on the outs with your folks before things go back to normal.

You know you are going to do it. Admit it to yourself and do it right.

Yes. You may never see them drink but on occasion they do. DO NOT take the bottle of Bacardi. Acquire some money and go ask someone to buy it for you if you REALLY want to drink.
If that's too much work then I guess you don't want to too badly.
DO NOT fill it with water. They WILL notice.
Best thing to do is wait till you of age.
I'm seventeen and done ALMOST everything in the book. You will ALMOST ALWAYS get caught and if you don't by your parents Karma will **** you good.

Personal Experience

Even if your parents dont drink I am sure they did not bring you up to be a common THIEF!
They dont deserve to be treated like that, you should be ashamed of yourself.
Go make them a cup of tea and say sorry for even thinking that badly.

the point is not that if they drink.. the point is they have a child in the house.

if you can't get the last statement.. then you're going to be kissing their butts for a long time to come....

Even if they never drink they still may be able to recognize the stench of alcohol, they are over the age of 21 after all.

duh lol just cuz they never drink doesnt mean one day they will say hmmm i feel like taking a shot wtf wheres my bottle of bacardi!!!!!!!!! or hell yea i got a raise lets celebrate baby WTF Wheres my liqour!!!!!!!! lol

if they have a lot of alcohol in the cubords. but if thats like there only bottle then they will probaly notice but if u just take like half just fill it up with somethin else

They certainly will. If you want some that badly, at least have the descency to ask.


probably, that crap is expensive

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