I can have a Redbull drinks veding machine for free, what should i do with it.?!

Question: I can have a Redbull drinks veding machine for free, what should i do with it.?
Any advice? I am thinking i could sell on ebay. No idea how much i would get for it though?

Or i was thinking i could try and find a high traffic business or something and put it in there and fill it myself. I can buy retail for £1 and sell for £2.

Any thoughts?


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Just sell it, trust me, you won't make any good money from it until a few years pass. Put it up for sale, and invest the money into stocks. :P

I've got an old beer fridge the sort you put under the counter. I use mine to
put all the wine,coke etc in. it's great especially at christmas as frees up
space in my regular fridge for other goodies.
So I would say keep it.

Personal experience

Take the machine. wait till summer set it up outside your home. at the wholesalers can drinks sells at £1.20 for four , then you can sell them for £2.00 a can think of the profit you can make.

Uhm..I would do your idea but be sure it's permitted by the owner of the property.

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