what is the best (most absorbent) meal to eat before a long night of drinking?!

Question: What is the best (most absorbent) meal to eat before a long night of drinking?

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As an alcoholic, for myself it doesn't matter what I eat, my tolerance is the same. But before I was as dedicated to the bottle as I am now, carbs and starches were best. Bread and potatoes are the greatest things to not only keep you going, but keep you from puking. This may sound weird, but Hamburger Helper (any variety) is wonderful when you are planning to get drunk. It has everything you need, meat, dairy, and pasta. I know it's cheap and easy to make, but that's perfect for a drunk person. It's very heavy and satisfying and has more nutrients than you would think. If you absolutely must go out and get something, I recommend German food. I', Scotch/Irish myself, but German food is amazing. Spaetzle, Schnitzel, German Cordon Bleu, all excellent dishes for those who want to drink ALL night. Hope this helps.

Whatever you do don't eat something light in calories. Eat the biggest meal you can. I always thought Mexican food was a good pregame.

processed foods... those triglycerides will take you pretty good.. no vitamins, minerals and will soak up that crap.


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