Any effect of watering down vodka?!

Question: Any effect of watering down vodka?
hi. its my best friends sixteenth bday tomorrow. im home from school today, so i stole a bit of vodka (probally like 2-3 shots...) not a whole lot, but because it was a new bottle of vodka(maybe 1 or 2 drinks gone from the bottle) there was a noticable difference. So I added a bit of water...(less than 1/4cup...) just enough to hide the difference. We dont keep the vodka in the freezer, is there any effect this will have? I mean it was a tiny amound of water compared to how much vodka was left! so will it change the taste? or is there any way anyone will notice? when I out the water in, i panicked at first because it made this weird effect when it mixed! will the water seperate from the vodka?

thanks in advance!!! 10 Points to best/most reliable answers.!

My parents never drink vodka. its just for when grandma comes over and she mixes it. Over a long period of time (1-2 years) will it seperate?


alcohol is soluble with water, so no separation will take place. So don't listen to anyone who says different. Proof of this fact is that half of the vodka already is water and these is never a separation line. Additionally. I've mixed many drinks with mixers that are essentially water (i.e. cranberry juice) and there is no separation line after mixing.

To do some quick math for you. A fifth of vodka is about 25 ounces and 40% alcohol. If 1 or 2 drinks are missing then there are about 22 ounces left. If you removed 3 drinks then about 18 ounces are left of 40% alcohol, which means you had 7.2 ounces alcohol an 10.8 ounces water. If you add 4 ounces of water (0% alcohol) then you would be back to the volume you found it at, but it would contain 7.2 ounces of alcohol and 14.8 ounces of water. This new mixture would be 32% alcohol.

I don't know about most people, but taste wise I would find it very difficult to tasted the difference between 32% and 40% alcohol.

Hope this helps.

If I found out that you watered down my vodka, I won't even say, Yes they will be able to tell, You should have just left it alone, But you just couldn't, Could you, Oh boy your gonna get it....

Relax. Water and vodka do mix and no one will know. Even if you stuck it in the freezer it wouldn't freeze with that tiny amount of water.

I used to do this

in 2 years time im sure you can just buy another bottle

lmfao! oh boy, someone's clueless.. water is denser than alcohol.. the seperation will be obvious.

plus, if it freezes in the fridge.. you're SOL!

oh, though your folks supposively don't drink.. they'll know and they'll also know who was into it.. they know.. they had you didn't they?

been there.. done that with my brats...

finding out if any alcohol was diluted is very easy.. since you don't understand this basic element.. looks like you're going to be spending alot of time stuck at home kissing mom and dads butt.. to pay your dues.


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