How strict are they on ID in UK city nightlife?!

Question: How strict are they on ID in UK city nightlife?
im meant to be going to a place called the kasbah on monday in conventry with 3 friends (who are all over 18)
but im 17.
but I DO have ID. this girl i know gave me her expired passport (with a really young picture), her expired citizen card(with an okay picture), a ucas card(no picture but a printed name), and a VIP nightclub car (written name and stuck in picture)

i've been to clubs and bars quite a lot, and usually just use the expired passport which in my small local town they are fine with.
but yeah, basically, i've got 4 things that show im over 18 and with the same over-18 person who looks a bit like me with name on (2 are photo)
this place can be pretty strict i've heard.
but yeah, do you think i will be okay?

but yeah just any advice on what UK big city clubs are usually like with ID would be great.


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act casual. If you stare or look nervous your most likely going to get ID'd. Catch the securitys eye and smile (not other the top though). Just act like your meant to be in there and not worried about getting ID. Wouldnt take all the photocards...looks abit suss especially if there all expired

dont carry them all. take one or the other. it will look funny if you have all of them on you especially when you are going out. usually people dont take out too much id to go out incase it gets lost or stolen.
play it cool. dont over do the dress..ive found when ive been out and dress skimpy..i get id'd more. but when i wear jeans and a nice top..keep it simple. i never get id'd at all.

Just try to be cool. Its good advice not to have lots of id, especially in you hand. If you are asked, smile at the dude and show what you have. Hope this works.

ex doorman

They will let u in most places:) Just go for it,wear skimpy stuff and high high heels:D

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