What should I drink on my 21st birthday?!

Question: What should I drink on my 21st birthday?
My birthday is coming up and I don't know who I should get for me and my friends to drink when we go out. I just wanted some suggestions. Beer? Wine??? Keep in mind, we're broke lol so nothing too expensive. And please no rude answers...I'm just asking a fun questions and I want to see your responses. Thanks guys!


Even if you're broke you should splurge for your big day. Get a mixed 6 pack of good craft beer. Don't go for cheap stuff on your birthday. A good mixed 6 pack should only put you back $10-15 and you will love it. Make sure you get so drunk you can't walk!

I'm an alcoholic

well, if your short on cash....you could get some cheap beer like natural lite or even get some 40 ouncers.they run about 1.50$ and up. or get some cheap boones farm. but you could call around and see what restaurants and bars or nightclubs may give out a free drink on someones 21st birthday.some places do.but whatever you do.be careful and dont drink and drive.

have a few raging bulls, vodka and rebull, jagermister and redbull is fun also. Then swithch to beer, try a few dark and a few light beers, see what you like. after a few youll like em all

beer and bacardi 151 and everclear lol and rye coke

had everything i have mentioned except for everclear!

Vodka with gatorade and energy drink.

Louis Roederer Champagne.

A Jose Curve Margarita

beer and whatever with your friends!

orange juice

cement mixer. dont ask what it is, just do it


vodka and oj :)

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