Do electronic cigarettes smell like normal cigarettes?!

Question: Do electronic cigarettes smell like normal cigarettes?
Will an electronic cig smell like a real cigarette??


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No. It has no odor. for 10% off!!


Hello girlfriend,

Don't worry - electronic cigarettes do not give you any bad breath. The vapor has a slight scent but dissipates almost immediately. So the simple answer to your question is "No".

Now, before you make a purchase please take a look at this buying guide. It features ratings for many brands based on hundreds of electronic cigarette reviews:…
Buying the right e cigarette is key to your success when transitioning away from tobacco cigs.

Good luck!

personal experience

You can't really smell anything with them. Some people buy handmade liquid nicotine that comes in just about any flavor you can think of, and that sometimes smells, but nothing like a regular cigarette. Some smell like candy, mint, chocolate, coffee, etc. If you are interested in the e cig, you should really do some research first. I wrote about my own experiences with the e cig here:…

My own personal e cig use

I don't think so...the smoke is actually a water vapor.

If you know someone who wants to quit, I'd buy them Alan Carr's "Easy Way to Stop Smoking". I quit after reading it and have bought my best friend and mom each a copy recently. They are still in the middle of reading it...

Not at all. As you exhale you are breathing out vaporized spoke. Pretty cool stuff!!

I have one and love it!

Check out

e-cig user

they smell like an extremely small amount of brown sugar, but don't get one if u are thinking about it, they dont work

ive used one

nope it wont, not really any smell to the water vapor that comes out.

they have no odor at all

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