Should you drink Gatorade before or after a soccer game?!

Question: Should you drink Gatorade before or after a soccer game?

You should drink it before during and after. You want to drink it before because your body will get a boost of energy. During because you want your body to stay hydrated so you can continue to perform. After because you want to replenish what your body has used.

I would say after because during the game you are sweating and loosing quite a bit of electrolytes, and sodium that your body needs to stay hydrated. Gatorade will replace whats lost.

you should be getting fluids in your body all the time ti help you stay hydrated and since you play soccer you should drink it before during and after

u should not drink gatorade at all u should drink water or booty sweat

I think before and after.

Before, during and after is fine.

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