Why in the u.k is it 16 for smoking but 18 for drinking?!

Question: Why in the u.k is it 16 for smoking but 18 for drinking?
i mean smoking teens is worse than drinking teens right?


smoking damages your health but drinking impairs your judgement and therefore enables you to do more dangerous and stupid things.

Hell no, you did not just say that. I hate people who are so quick to condemn smoking but are totally okay with drinking. Drinking is just as dangerous or worse than smoking, but somehow smoking has become more targeted for how bad it is. Think about it, cigarettes aren't mind-altering drugs are they? No, but alcohol is. While smoking causes cancer, drinking causes terrible damage to many internal organs. Drinking makes you look just as bad physically over time as smoking does. And smoking does not tear families apart the way that drinking problems so often do. Also, drinking and driving is a huge problem. It causes many deaths, not only to the people who were drinking, but to the innocent people around them as well. Binge drinking in excessive amounts can lead to instantaneous death depending on several factors, smoking cannot. And finally, there is way more peer pressure to drink than there is to smoke. I'm not saying smoking is good, I know it is terrible. But drinking is just as bad or worse. Now tha we have smoking licked, I think it's about time we got the true dangers of drinking out there so people will stop asking stupid questions like this.

So her's one I think that makes no sense, why in the US can you join the military at 18 but can't drink till you are 21. I'm over 50 and still think that's stupid.

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