too old to be a bartender?!

Question: Too old to be a bartender?
I am a 55 year old woman, looking to change careers to something fun and interesting. I am hearing from some people that you can't get jobs at this age, and from other people that you can, because a lot of places are tired of young unreliable people, and want to hire someone with a stable work and personal history. Are there any folks out there that are doing bartending at my age, or know someone who is?


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you are never too old...

that being said, you won't be hired as a bar tender without experience
you will be hired as a server or bar back (bar tender assistant) and will be given more responsibility as your supervisor sees you can handle

I've been hiring bartenders for 15 years. To me, age is not important, experience is. Have you bartended in the past? How many classic drinks do you know? Which questions would you ask me if I order a Manhattan? What's the difference between Irish whisky and bourbon? What do you know about wine? Difference between Prosecco and Champagne? Name three different amari. What's the difference between tawny and ruby port? What's the difference between neat and straight up? What does "reposado" mean?

Can you change a keg (hell, can you lift a keg?)? Can you carry at least two cases of beer at a time? Bartending is extremely physical, not just "fun" and "interesting". Can you work 12 hours shifts on your feet, busting your butt?

If you can answer these questions "yes", then you might just make a good bartender.

I think what people are saying is that it's hard to find a job anywhere at any age right now. Around here there are a lot of wine tasting rooms and nobody working there looks under 40. I agree that in some cases older is more desirable because you're a responsible adult, can be trusted, unlike flighty 20-somethings. I've seen bartenders at country clubs who look to be over 60. I'd say don't quit your day job, but put out feelers for side work as a bartender at nice place and see if you can find a sustainable bartending job before quitting the day job. Or who knows, you could have two jobs! Go for it, 55 is not old.

You'll get hired if you are either smokin' hot, or a good bartender.

If you are neither of those, you might seek another career path.

Good listener + Good Sense of humor + skills and approachability = 55 yo bartender

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