Black n Milds question?!

Question: Black n Milds question?
I've been smoking pot n k2 for a few months now. I never wanted to smoke cigeretts ever i theyre so stupid because they dont get you high and they just give you a nicotine addiction, and they only help you relax because you already have a nicotine addiction. Anyway so I was haning out with my friends and i was walking home and 2 of my other friends are walking down my street smoking black n milds and (dont know why ive never heard of them before apparently everyone knows what they are except me), and they offer me some and i asked if they were addictive, the guy who i dont trust said they were and the girl who is liike my best friend who i do trust said they werent. So i took 2 hits and got like a verrry nice high for a good 5 minutes than it died down pretty fast. But im kinda in love with them theyve gotta nice smell n taste and sure do kick in quick. and theyre cheap she told me only $1 each. But the thing is I know like nothing about them so I got questions.

Are they as addictive as cigarettes?
How many of them do you have to smoke them to become addicted? Like how many days should i wait before smoking another like should i wait like a week between smoking them? longer?


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They are more addictive that cigarettes, they have more nicotine.

Just like cigarettes, you are addicted after only one.

Read Alan Carr's "Easy Way to Stop Smoking" to better understand the nicotine trap. I'm serious! The better you understand exactly how nicotine works, the easier it is to not get addicted. You don't have to be at the point where you think you need to quit....

I quit smoking cigarettes, started smoking black and milds from time to time to stop the nicotine fit...slowly became a regular black and mild smoker. Smoked a pack or more a day. Read this book and quit 2 weeks replacements, no problems, and I'm happy about it, not miserable like all the other times I tried to quit.

personal experience

The high you felt is a nicotine buzz. It's that high that you said wasn't there for cigarettes.

They are as addictive as cigarettes, unless you remove the nicotine strip in the middle of them. Then they're a bit less addictive but still have nicotine in them.

As for how long you should wait, that is highly variable and depends on your personality. Some people can get hooked after smoking once a week, some people don't get hooked smoking once a day.

Guess what?

EVERYONE who says cigs dont make you high are in complete denial of their own drug addiction, have been hoodwinked by those in denial of their own addiction, or have money to make by keeping tobacco legal.

Nicotine is absolutely a drug, it absolutely makes you high. I started smoking when I was 13. I had my first alcoholic drink, first joint, and first cig in the same night in that order. Even after cancer I couldnt quit smoking, 100% because I like the high nicotine gives me more than the other highs I have had, more than the high from alcohol and mairjuana. Im smoke free now, but it hasnt been easy.

Yes, they are addictive as cigs, its the same type of tobacco, same additives, just added flavors and MORE tobacco and nicotine than a single cig. Nicotine creates a chemical addiction very very quickly. It takes a lil longer to engrain the conditioning that reinforces the behavioral aspect, but that part of the addiction is even stronger.

I would suggest you not smoke them at all.

I've got a tin of Skoal in my pocket... This is because I quit cigarettes for the winter, such a hassle going outside to have a boge in the snow. I smoke cigarettes because I got addicted to Black and Mild's first, but they're actually more unhealthy than boges so **** it lol. As long as you don't smoke like 3 a day for around 3 days you shouldn't get addicted, but yes, they're as addictive as cigarettes, and nah if you have one a day you still won't get addicted, you have to smoke heavily to get addicted.
I'd say just hollow that black and mild out and fill it with some Kush ;)
Or maybe if you're lucky, some haze.

first-hand experience kiddiesss

No. They are not NEARLY as addictive as cigarettes. Cigarettes contain WAY more nicotine. I'm a smoker so I know which one is stronger. Cigarettes you smoke to get nicotine. Cigars or pipe tobacco (which your cigar is filled with actually) you smoke for the taste. They are addictive to some degree, as tobacco tends to be. But you would have to work to get addicted to them. Smoking like 10 a day to build up a physical addiction. I'm high as **** right now, btw :D.

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