How Much Vodka Will It Take 2 Get Me And My Friend Drunk?!

Question: How Much Vodka Will It Take 2 Get Me And My Friend Drunk?
Hello,Well I'm Just Wondering How Much Vodka Will It Take To Get Me And My Friend Bolxed :P.Where Both 15 We Drank Before.I Used To Drink Druids It Takes Me 6 Cans 2 Get Drunk I Drank About 6 Times Before.Now I Want To Try Vodka How Much Would We Need To Get Drunk Wer Going Half's On The Drink.I Was Thinking A 1 Liter between Me And My Friend?


between the two of you i would say 8-10 shots so yea id say your about right.

Are you two trying to put yourselves in jail, or go before a court,
which will give you both a criminal conviction for life?

Forget it, you will regret the thought of even contemplating such gesture.

If you are 15 you should not be getting drunk at all.....Go chase some girls or play sports...

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