Can someone be a "NonAlcoholic"? and can it have similar effects of alcoholism?!

Question: Can someone be a "NonAlcoholic"? and can it have similar effects of alcoholism?
Sounds silly, but I have a caffeine addiction, some have jokingly stated I'm like a wino or an alsoholic because I drink it so often (or drink it when I'm emotionally a wreck).

Nonalcoholic drinks like soda (pepsi, coke, etc) not water or juices. Also, averaging about the same drinks per day as a person who is an alcoholic.

Asking out of curiosity...


Sure it's possible. When you consider that a lot of times an addiction can be just as much a psychological condition as it as a physical condition you begin to realize that darn near anything can be an addiction. When you realize how much time some people spend on World of Warcraft, and addiction to soda sounds pretty plausible.

The voices in my head.

yes because alot of these such as:
iced tea
sweet tea
(all "de-caf" drinks have a little bit of caffeine in them)
yes when you try to go cold turkey it is very possible that you will feel more of a need for it.

Admitting it, is your first step to recovery, my friend. (I think my fiancee may be a Nonalcoholic too.)

Yes they can be addicted to gambling,drugs or other vices.

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