Why is it that I throw up after drinking? Is it genetic or...?!

Question: Why is it that I throw up after drinking? Is it genetic or...?
So I'm in college and most of my friends don't drink, some do just when playing board games or before we go out dancing, etc. Well, I pretty much got really wasted one night by accident (too much screwdriver) and vomited so bad and have ZERO memory of it - that's how bad it was. My boyfriend took care of me so well.

Well, I didn't drink for about 2 months, and when I did, I maybe overdid it again. I'm 5"0 and 90lb. And this time I threw up about 1.5 hours after drinking and REMEMBER it, so I feel like I'm psychologically inclined to reject vodka now. Even the smell of nail polish & hand sanitizer (have alcohol in it) makes me want to vomit.

Well, I had four beers over the course of four hours at a friend's party. At the sixth hour (no drinking has happened) I vomited. WHAT? I am the first person in my entire family (parents, grandparents, etc) to consumer alcohol bcz it's against their religion. My bf brought up the question is I'm just genetically intolerant or I just can't handle liquor. I know that for sure I don't have alcohol allergy. What are your thoughts?


Ist of all, your tiny so you have little tolerance to start. 2nd, you don't drink very often so you have not built any tolerance. The first drink will make you loopy if you don't normally drink because your liver can't process it. You may also have problems with your gall bladder (probably not). I have a friend that was throwing up everytime he drank so he went to the doctor and they said he had gall stones. Just remember, alcohol is a poison. Throwing up is your bodies way of getting rid of it. Sounds like you just need to keep to a drink or two till you get a little tolorence.


You might be too small I am 5'4 and 100 lbs. I drank one shot of Jack daniels and puked and now can't handle the smell. Sometimes if ur very small ur intestines could still grow. So alcohol messes with your intestines and makes u puke and makes u sensitive to the smell. Like pregnant women can be sensitive in smell to coca cola. The throw up from morning sickness and can never drink it again. Wait a while

probly just dont have a big enogh stomach to handel that much

It's partially genetic and what your regular diet consists of. You eat burger, chili, put tobasco in everything and suck down on the O.J. then you will prolly have a strong stomach. If you eat salad and think baby carrots are an indulgence, then it's not ready for an alcohol attack of this nature.

I personally find that food is the answer before, during and after... if you go in on an empty-stomach then you're gunna puke, you're gunna be hung over and you won't look pretty for that boyfriend of yours. I eat something that is 'bread'y before I drink and found it ended all cookie tossing, and vastly improved my ability to over-do it and still stand-up.

Hope I've been helpful!

I can only handle about three beers myself. Four will almost surely make me ill. Only two if it's Sam Adams. Screwdrivers make me ill, so I've only tried them maybe twice. Wine tends to agree with me better and most mixed drinks are okay. What I need to stay away from are drinks that are overly strong, too sweet, or low quality liquor. Try a rum and coke with a good quality rum(I like Goslings) or a tequila with ginger ale or cherry 7-up(El Jimador is good). I like Luxosova Vodka, it's good quality, reasonably priced and unlike most, is made from potatoes. You shouldn't overdo it when you drink. When you're having a good time, slow down or have a virgin drink.

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