Will adding water to vodka make a big difference?!

Question: Will adding water to vodka make a big difference?
okay so i stole some vodka from my parents. (wrong I know don't tell me) anyway they haven't touched it in forever plus there was only a little missing in the bottle in the first place. So i took about half a water bottle. If i put water in there to fill it up like it was to begin with will it change it too much? I know it makes a difference if you add water to a little vodka but i'm talking about a lot of vodka...would it make a big difference?


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You'll dilute the Vodka in the bottle. This will lower the proof of the liquor and diminish it's ability to get you drunk. a 50/50 water and vodka mix would barely be as strong as wine.

AKA don't waste alcohol like this - it's ALCOHOL ABUSE

The remaining vodka in that bottle is undrinkable now - it'll taste like crap.

Yes. It all depends on how much water you used.

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