How should I burn the rest of my weed?!

Question: How should I burn the rest of my weed?
I ran out of papers, ran out of dutchies, broke my bongs, and my pipe's missing. Do I make another piece or do I use some clutch papers? Tell me what materials to use if you have any ideas...


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ouch sounds like a bad day.
Well last resort, you can make a tin foil pipe: take small piece almost triangular, use a pencil to form it as you make the bowl. and you can make a screen by poking a circle piece of foil with a needle.
Or use a can: create a dent in te center, use scissors to cut a carb on the side and stab holes where you dented. inhale through where you drink while covering side hole. then release.
Or try a plastic bottle bong: cut small hole almost halfway (from bottom) and carb if you like, insert a hollow plastic pencil or pen, and make a little foil bowl to put at the outside end of the pen. fill 1/4 with water. inhale through where you drink.
pastic bottle pipe: everything like the bong but with a carb and no pen

ORR you can scrape off the foil from a gum wrapper and use the paper for a joint. [takes a little more time and patience]

Basically, you can use alot of things to smoke out of. I've used toys even.

take an empty pop can dint it the top and poke a small hole in the dint and the right side. put the weed on top of the can in the dint (hole should be small enough weed wont fall in). take one finger cover the hole in the side of the can then light the weed and inhale at the same time and let off the hole in the side for it breath and do it again.

Make a bong out of a plastic bottle.

you can start by giving me the weed... :)

Improvise with your mom's teapot.

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