Fastest easiest way to get drunk?!

Question: Fastest easiest way to get drunk?
Easiest thing, that won't be noticable due to smell, or looks i.e eyelids turning purple. I am 5'4 and around 100 lbs. I just want to get drunk from like one shot. Any ideas?


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Fast (Don't Eat food) for as long as you can before you take that Drink, and if there is a mixer use something acidic like O.J.

If I tell you this, You admit that I'm not liable by the mere fact that you are doing it. That constitutes your acceptance into this agreement.

Take a shot or drink or two mixed with Bacardi 151. But I do not recommend it and wouldn't do it myself.

And at 100 lb's, probably one mai tai or similar with bacardi 151 should get you there. But you have to designate a driver and promise not to do another on for at least an hour. And you will probably have a big hangover, so eat a decent meal or do a late night breakfast with potatoes, bacon and a couple of eggs to absorb some of the bad out of your system.

This constitutes our agreement, in full. and you are entirely responsible for yourself should you do this. And as I said before this constitutes our full and entire agreement on this subject.

1 shot of moonshine or everclear. chug some mad dog, tarantulas, or kamakazies. you wont get drunk right off but within an hour it with sneak up puch you in the back of the head lol.

Chug a bottle of Grey goose in ten minutes you should feel it. who hoo but be careful because if you drink vodka too fast you can puke.

If you take it anally you can get drunker quicker, plus no smell. It sounds weird but its true.

1 shot will not get you drunk. Maybe 3 or 4 will.

Why the **** would you want to get drunk???

Put beer up your anus

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