getting into clubs under 18?!

Question: Getting into clubs under 18?
basically im 18 in a month and Im going out for a friends 18th tonight. I was wondering if anyone would know if you think theyd really notice if it was a month off? surely theyd just glance at it if you had something to show them. Or even if they realised it was a month off, would they mind still? thanks


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Eh, out here the check and/or slide your ID through a reader that pops up with the information. Chances are you're screwed... but I guess the worst you could do is try.

Of course they would notice. Do you think my Algebra prof would notice if I got a 93
showing all my work when I had gotten a 28 on the previous test using a calculator?

18 is 18 kid, if you can't handle it all the more reason to stay home until you can eh ..

Good luck and enjoy the outside elements cause they I'd everywhere !!!!!

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