Getting Drunk & Sour Puss?!

Question: Getting Drunk & Sour Puss?
I'm going to be going to a dance this weekend and I got a mickey of green apple sour puss.
And I am just wondering, would one of those be enough to get me drunk?
I guess youu could say I am a light weight as well - takes like three coolers to get me a good buzz.
Its kind of confusing to me because the alchohol - volume ratio in sour puss is different than in coolers and such.
Thanks a bunch!


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Well if I'm not mistaken Sourpuss has an alcohol content percentage of 15%? Which is about 2-3x more than your average cooler. It should do the trick.

A mickey contains 13oz of liquid, therefore equivalent to 13- 1oz shots.

Well it would probably be the equivalent of around 5 shots so it would get you a little drunk id guess.

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