Could a 13 year old girl drink a large bottle of vodka and be sober?!

Question: Could a 13 year old girl drink a large bottle of vodka and be sober?
My friend apparently drank a large bottle of smirnoff, and she was still fairly sober (not falling over or slurring her words). I don't believe her as I would think that much alcohol might kill her, and she wasn't even very hyper. I don't this as a fact though. Would she die or pass out or at least be very obviously drunk?


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No. Mayhaps the bottle was more water than vodka.

Depending on her height/weight I don't think it's possible. Although there are certain cases of people not showing any affects of alcohol on their sobriety. Albeit, this is fairly rare especially if we're talking a 26oz bottle of vodka.

Personally, I've drank an entire bottle of vodka before, at least once.. that I can remember. :)
I was incredibly drunk, and I passed out very quickly. I didn't die though. :)

Maybe if she is really huge but if she is an average 13 year old girl she would most definitely suffer acute alcohol poisoning. She might live but she would be hospitalized. A 13 year old body is usually not big enough to absorb that much alcohol that quickly.

I, a 22 year old man, drank a whole bottle of wine and was wasted a couple hours later. So bad it was that I couldn't even get up. So yes, she will probably die.

She would die. She probably wouldn't even be sober after 3 shots and there are probably about 30 shots in a bottle sooooooo shes a liar.

I seriously doubt she would be sober. It is disturbing + depressing
how many kids think abusing such quantities of alcohol is a joke.

sober??, maybe but more than likely dead, from alcohol poisning, you did not say over how long a period of time? may be just braging , or she is a full blown alcholic

Probability of death would be very high.

Vodka looks a lot like water.

Um, no. She would be dead.

Maybe she meant a whole small Smirnoff Ice?

may be possible but i wouldn't think so
would think it would kill her

It's possible. Some people are freaks.

Only if she was around 350-400 pounds. That's a big lady.

she will die

it's not a game at all
it's not fun either

what kind of ? is this?????????

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