Is absinthe the same thing as whiskey and other alcoholic beverages?!

Question: Is absinthe the same thing as whiskey and other alcoholic beverages?
Where can I buy some?


Absinthe is a spirit, like whiskey, but in addition to containing alcohol, it is derived from wormwood and can cause hallucinogenic effects.

Absinthe is greenish in color. When poured over sugar and ice, it turns white-ish.

It has a really tough taste.

It is said that Vincent Van Gogh cut off his own ear due to hallucinating while on absinthe.

You can buy absinthe in many European countries, including Amsterdam. It is illegal in the United States if it is made from wormwood. They still sell other kinds of absinthe in the US, but it won't produce the same hallucinogenic affects.

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absinthe makes the heart grow fonder

Well, what I know of absinthe is that it tastes like black licorice and feels very warm going down..... but yes, it has the same intoxicating effect that other alcohol has.

It's made from herbs and is highly intoxicating!!…

it is an alcoholic drink , in todays form it is made different than the original, which was 68% alcohol ( 132proof) and made from wormwood
now days
Pernod and other companies came out with new, lower alcohol content, wormwood free, licorice-anise flavored liqueurs to replace Absinthe, with names such as Pernod, anis, anisette, pastis, ouzo and raki.…

Absinthe is not quite the same thing as whiskey/vodka/rum, etc. It has an average alcohol content of 45%-74%. The biggest difference between absinthe and other spirits, is that absinthe may contain trace amounts of a psychoactive drug "thujone".

Absinthe is a different poison than alcohol, but the effects are similar enough.

I've recently seen absinthe drinks being sold at the liquor store near me.

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