i have a question about ciggarettes?!

Question: I have a question about ciggarettes?
normally people smoke ciggarettes and when they do well they always inhale it into there lungs or mouth and that causes high risk of cancer and that kind of stuff... but my question is simple... can you get cancer if you just get a ciggarette and puff on it and dont inhale it... just puff on the cigg? can that cause cancer to or is it not bad at all?


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Yes, a lot of the smoke would still find its way to your lungs. The fact of the matter is that cigarettes kill non-smokers too. Even if you weren't holding it you could still get cancer from it, so with it between your lips your risk of cancer is even higher. Do yourself a favor and stick with oxygen.

Whatever way you use it, nicotine could penetrate into your system. Even if you don't inhale it, nicotine will always be there posing great harm on yourself.

I am a cigar aficionado and have been one for years. I'm also doing social media for BnBTobacco.com and have represented them online.

Well then don't even waste your bucks on buying a cig if you are not gonna inhale it, it is surely gonna affect for sure but I think you are claiming smoking will make you look cooler, I am a chain smoker too but I totally disagree

Lung cancer isn't the only thing cigarettes give you. You also can get mouth, tongue and gum cancer. My advice is to leave cigarettes alone altogether, they are disgusting.

yes as a matter of fact, you increase your risk for oral cancer significantly since no ventilation of that smoke can reduce

Any way you use it can and will cause cancer

Surgeon general warning

Well... yes it could cause cancer although the risk is minimal compared to inhaling.

Best not to smoke or be around the scent. And besides it's spelled cigarettes.

My question to you is why would you do that?



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