Will smoking weed make you a slow runner?!

Question: Will smoking weed make you a slow runner?
I smoke once in a while(1-2 times a week). Im also on track. So will it make me slower? And does weed make you fatter and less sociable?


No it will not make you slower. It may make you a little more lazy and not want to run, but you won't run slower. It can't make you fatter and the only way you would be less sociable is if you ditched your plans just to smoke.

my friend smoked cigarettes every day, at least half a carton a day for 2 years. played lots of sports. he's still good. but i think it depends in how good in shape u are, you will slow down a bit

weed since they claim makes u hungry, which could make you fat if u r not active.
and when u become fat ppl become prejudice and stop talking to fat people

smoking weed will make it so you run out of breath faster when you run, so yes. if you smoke once in awhile, it wont do much harm, but if you smoke often, then it will definetely effect your running

Smoking anything can affect your lung health and capacity, so there is a possibility, but I have had stoner friends that ran like 6 minute miles, so it depends

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