ill be 21 in 3 days and i want to go out with friends and get a beer. Im i still under age?!

Question: Ill be 21 in 3 days and i want to go out with friends and get a beer. Im i still under age?
Ok my and my girlfriend plan on going out this Friday to a night club-bar & grill to celebrate my 21st Birthday. I wont my LEGALLY 21 till the 20th. But I will be spending it with family Only on that day. So do you think bartender will allow me to get any alcoholic drinks from a crummy 3 day difference????


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I applaud you for using the spell checker; however, you should read what you type.

You asking this question demonstrates your immaturity and shows why people your age should not drink beer. I do not think 3 days will make any difference. In 3 days you will legally be able to purchase and consume beer but, you really should not.

I am the biggest idiot when it comes to english but, even I found you question lacking structure. If you can read your question and it makes perfect since to you, you should never drink a beer. Beer and other alcohols can, when taken to excess, destroy brain cells. Some people do not have any to spare.

Yes underage is underage "Duh".

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They will not serve you. My advice is to go out on the 19th and get to the bar at midnight, then you are legally 21 and will get at least one free drink because it's your b-day.

I've done it, free drink(s).

Not a chance.
Underaged is underaged. I had the same dilemna in that I left California (albeit this
was a few years ago) 2 days before I turned 21 eh sorry but law is law. Deal with it

No, not at all. and you are still breaking the law. you are not 21 till the day of your birth.

yeah sorry girl but you won't be able to get any alcoholic beverages until the day you are 21. It's the law

Not a chance.

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