Which red wine is good and cheap?!

Question: Which red wine is good and cheap?

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That boxed kind is good i like the Blush. Franzia I think it's called. I cook with it to. My sis like the white in the box. That Sangria looks interesting. But I know the blush is good!
The merlot is to dry not sweet at all I bought a box and ended up using it to cook but it really good for that! :)
Heres the white:

Amavi 2007 Cabernet. This is an awesome cabernet and it is under 20 bucks

Also there's Goats Do Roam 2008, which is a decent red table wine. It's about 10 bucks, it's a good blend of grenache, syrah, and other grape varietals

Estancia is a good go-to cabernet, and it doesn't cost much

Robert Mondavi Pinor Noir I thought was okay, not fantastic, but a lot of people really do like it

You got a Trader Joe's near you? TJ's Charles shaw merlot is pretty good. (2-Buck Chuck.)

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