drinking alcohol tonight while on painpills?!

Question: Drinking alcohol tonight while on painpills?
I took 2 30mg morphine pills about an hour and a half ago. I just got a call from my friend who is in town and he wants to get drunk tonight. Now I am a heavy drinker and can handle a lot of alcohol. However I have never combined it with mophine and I don't want to **** up and die or anything. So I was wondering if there is any particular danger with drinking heavily while on morphine


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I wouldn't chance it. Whether if ur a heavy drinker or not,
you should know better than mix booze and medication.

The sickest I've ever been was from mixing painkillers and alcohol. It feels awesome but is really quite dangerous. I don't know the specifics of morphine myself. But I knew a nutritionist who told me that even taking tylenol while you have alcohol in your system is very very dangerous. Something about the phases of processing alcohol in your body and how pills screw up the process.

The safe answer is no, you shouldn't drink while on pain pills. But I have done it and I can honestly say it's easy to get carried away drinking while on pills cause it feels great, but it feels so not worth it the next day... and can kill you. Maybe just stick to a couple drinks if you must drink something?

I have never drank after morphine but after alot of different pills i can handle alot of alcohol to its bad for me cuz imma 5'4 115 pound girl and ive drank half bottle of vodka with bi polar pills vikadin and muscle relaxant and got pretty sick so dont drink as much with the more pills you take it could **** you up bad

Morphine is a serious drug and most pain killers are not to be combined with alcohol. Don't even think about it! Your liver is probably suffering already from being a "heavy drinker" but this could cause some serious damage to it...though it may not manifest until years later when you need a transplant.

don't do it, you could easily suffocate. seriously! google the side effects, it will tell you.

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It's not a good idea to be drinking while your on medication and should always check the labels on prescription medicines for warnings that say do not drink alcohol with this medicine.

Don't drink if you took morphine! This is extremely dangerous, I'm serious. They are both sedatives and the combo can make you stop breathing.

look at the warning label on your prescription. if it does not say don't mix with alcohol then go for it.

Don't do it.


Call your local 24/hr pharmacy and ask them

If your own instinct tells you, "no." I'd go with it.

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