does drinking beer really....? mature question?!

Question: Does drinking beer really....? mature question?
does drinking beer really make a guys penis smaller or bigger or neither and does it make a girls boobs bigger or smaller?


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Most of the beers contain HOP (Humulus Lupulus). Hop is a plant that contains a lot of phyto-estrogen or vegetable estrogen. These vegetable estrogen mimic the effects of real estrogen (feminine hormone) and therefore stimulate fat storage in the belly and boobs. A secondary effect is that the testosterone level is lowered. In theory, As such the beer drinker becomes more feminine. The effects are limited though but males that suffer from a beer belly an male boobs should avoid hop rich beers.

When you get old enough for it to matter, drinking too much alcohol of any kind can make it hard for a guy to maintain an erection. So, in a way it can make your penis smaller.

Lol. This is a mature question?

You seem like you are too young to drink beer.

THE ANSWER: drinking beer causes no permanent effect on the male penis or female breasts. And yes, beer makes you fat.

You got it all wrong. Drinking beer makes you believe you have a bigger penis and makes girls boobs pop out!

beer makes you fat.

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